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IoTR ~
More like an extension of WoTA or family member type alliance they are welcome on all hunts and we back them up 100% as they will and do us

LoD ~
Many friends and family like members in this guild again welcome on all hunts and we back them up 100% as they will us when they can

Very close friends and family like alliance willing to go to the end of the world for us as we are them too and i expect no less from any other guild members.SOTS is always welcome on our guild hunts

Nike ~
This is a guild with very good values and friendship they love to help people in any way possible so we back them as well

Roguetrucker  is the leader of this guild and they are pure and strictly hunters they know how to fight and they have some big guns in the guild alot of them my personal friends.All around good people and willing to help us at anytime anywhere so we do the same for them

MoMz ~ Still Da Mom has built a very strong core guild and willing to do what they can to help us and again we do the same in return

We will dragon hunt with this guild as well they are honest and fair

Some people may not agree on the same Values or the "fairness" but we want no wars so we make no enemies =) WoTA is willing to help almost anyone with everything that is what we are about =)
Guild Meeting 02-25-2012
Sun Feb 26 2012, 12:43 by GL_Silverfire
First order of business was to define the resources and usage of them. All the guild decided (who was attending that is) that materials for the guild should be used for the guild solely and not to be given out to others. However, there is an optional operation under this which enables us to trade/barter our resources and crafted items for gear the guild mates could use. However, no ALTS will …

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A new banner i made
Mon Jan 30 2012, 18:06 by Erronious
new banner i made Razz

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date my avatar
Fri Oct 02 2009, 20:50 by krylles

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grats doc :)
Sat Sep 26 2009, 02:18 by krylles

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Fri Sep 18 2009, 14:27 by Torian Lepper
This is the greatest tool we have to help operate as a guild.Yet i see the SAME handful of members using the forums.I will say this 1 time only because i am tired of saying over the last year and a half.START USES THE DAMN FORUMS !!This is the easiest way to keep everyone informed and the best way.Consider this part of being an "Active" guild member is being active on the forums.

Now that i …

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grats shezuko :)
Tue Sep 01 2009, 21:32 by krylles

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and ztarg for Hanzo :)
Sun Aug 30 2009, 22:45 by krylles

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w00tz! ! ! !
Sun Aug 30 2009, 03:30 by krylles

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get it already ppls
Sat Aug 22 2009, 09:23 by krylles

Just pick your OS.

I'm not ignoring you, but i'm sick of typing. Get on

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