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 this was the decision made by all guilds that attended meeting and what is posted in legends

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PostSubject: this was the decision made by all guilds that attended meeting and what is posted in legends   Mon Jun 15 2009, 16:10

We had a meeting today to try to make Legends a more enjoyable atmosphere. Here are some notes I jotted down, and the agreements we came up with.

FTH Boerkabb
oOo Knoll
oOo Gordijn.
oOo Ginanda Cuppatonic
WoTA Ghostly Whisper
WoTA X Aribeth X
LoL Ayla
M Spar
M Rahl
D Flamescale
D Fergus The Breif
gord starts by saying the last few weeks greifing been taken place
not sure who started, but misunderstandings arise
M wants drops for people who can use
oOo decides what to do with drops,creates conflict
Spars turn.... horrible typing, ofc Very Happy
talking about people in guild doing alot for it, and getting items fast
concerned about other people getting drops
he brings up fact that if someone leaves guild to start a new one, and they want party there is a chance for them to get drop they never got
wota says they are tired of the fight and they have been with Spar and his guild
Aribeth claims Spar is fair at how he handles drops
Aribeth also says knoll has never been unfair as well, and wants to work as a team
not using our energy to fight with each other
Reikoshea (tagless) talks about the drama in bosses, which is why he rarely goes
Talks about a raid system, some type of website. register for a certain spawn time
system would evidently roll for you and get you a slot in the 20 person party
BP rules all around, guilds can divy up the loot on their own
Knoll brings up mob dropping, demon scrolls, vulching etc.
He brings up private dragon levels.
Everyone there agrees keeping runs PRIVATE, unless invited otherwise.
Now Spar says he will party anyone, zule, farming, Anby. Although, if it is a guild thing, don't be mad you won't get party.
It's a guild thing, if denied party, don't rage. We also all agree on this statement.
For bosses now, if the party is maxed, 1 from each guild will be added to main party, and others will roll for drop (Just thoughts)
Rahl says that if there is 20+ of each guild, party loot will have to go off, and who needs and can use the item will roll (thoughts)
Spar says he doesn't want to see a drop go to someone, them selling it, than try to get another
This is an unfair way of getting things
Ghostly whisper now takes the floor hypothetical situation...
if there is a party of 20 keep track of names who go first time, and those who didn't go next time.
Zod now says he believes drops should to to whoever can use and needs
Spar says you need a tag for bosses, totally :IG
Zod says we need trust. we have to be able to trust spar, and in turn he has to be able to trust us
Also he states each guild that shows gets 1 roll after boss.
Spar says HE will party everyone at bosses, and if there is more than 20 guild leaders will roll
Gord says that guilds with 1 member have huge advantage over drops. he says if more than 20, ALL who show up should get to roll, and the guild that wins will handle it how they deem fit.
Spar and Ari both agree.
oOo also agrees.
WoTA is fine with these rules as well.
*knoll goes for dinner*
Missed was more talk about bosses.
Eventually decided on 20+ and EVERYONE rolls.
Talked about respecting the dragon gate, and dumping the scales in.
Farming not in guild hunt, it's BP drops. If a certain guild gets, they decide what to do.
Ayla speaks about how it's harder for smaller guilds to farm scales. Zod says FTH doesn't discriminate who they farm with.
She also comments we are being reasonable and working this out well.
Tagless people are not welcome to the hunt, unless a good headcount of tagless are there.
Min. of 5 tagless to be there at hunt 1 mage req.

Recap on the resolved issues:
1. 20 or less at boss and everyone is in party and BP rules apply
2. 20 or more, everyone rolls. There must at least be 1 person in main party from EVERY guild that showed.
3. There is a minimum of 5 Tagless players (1 must be mage) to roll on items.
4. Demon scrolls are strictly forbidden.
5. Vulching, mob dropping, blocking an area with NO alternate route inside, is forbidden.
6. Dragon gates are to be RESPECTED. If guild A dumps 20 scales and a pristine, Guild B, C, D, etc. CAN NOT pass through the gate.

Hopefully this agreement lasts, We spent a good hour and a half discussing above topics.
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PostSubject: Re: this was the decision made by all guilds that attended meeting and what is posted in legends   Mon Jun 15 2009, 16:46

Thank you Logan for posting it here.

I see them wrote a short form from what was spoken......but ok...

We will see how it really will work in future....
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this was the decision made by all guilds that attended meeting and what is posted in legends
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