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 My side of the story

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PostSubject: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeWed Jun 17 2009, 21:04

Well all ther has been a great deal of concern and confusion about who left, who was booted, and why. Well I am writing this post to clear it all up. You can decide for yourself if you think I am lying or even have a reason to. But if you for some reason have any doubts.. Ask Mialee as she was also there.

It happened that Me, Logan, Osumwa, and Mialee all decided to go kill Sandy Claws. Wehn we got there we all buffed up and got ready to attack. As we got there Mialee ran ahead a bit too fast and drew sandy's agro. Then Logan attacked Sandy and took agro from her. to this point I still hadnt done anything because i was waiting to see if i should run so I could come back and res after this mishap. But as it turned out Osumwa began attacking as well. Well I dont know how it happened or why but Mialee didn't manage to get Logan helaed in time and Logan died. Then Sandy immediatly turned on me andi began to take over as substitute tank. Osumwa however stole aggro from me with his RCB and he died in short order. Mia got heal on me so i began tanking SC. With Mia healing me I managed to get Logan ressed VIA res pot. She in turn ressed Osumwa and we all stomped a mud hole in SC. Mia appologized to Logan and Logan replied it was her own fault and not to worrie about it. Well , people die all the time and you get res pots and move on. Aparently not these guys though, because it didnt end there. Logan waited till Torian logged on and proceeded to tell him this whole big story about it and how Osumwa dosent like me cause I didnt wait for Logan to say attack and all kinds of other BS. Totally switched the events around and tried to make it look as though i ran in and attacked before she had aggro and that im some noob who never fought Sandy Claws before. Well .. lemme ask you this? If i ran in there and attacked before she had agro and supposedly stole aggro why is it that Logan died first... Osumwa died second and I didnt die at all? And in any case by there version of the story I supposedly stole aggro from Logan (using Agon) and Osumwa (using RCB) with my blade of the Mujahid? Get real .. both of them were procing there specials before i even hit attack mode. Well thats all fine and dandy. They didn't even have the courtesy to confront me about it ... no they waited till Torian logged in and tried to stab me in the back. Cause yeah thats what Torian needs ... he's lying in a hospital bed ... life teetering in the balance and THEY are worried about one death at Sandy's? Some friends they are. Over a damn video game? Thats just retarded... it's not even like they lost anything.. in fact Mia gave Osumwa the SC bag, oh a couple of repair pots. Well, I made a decision to remove Osumwa from the guild because this isnt the first time he started drama over something petty... and I was seriously considering removing Logan from the guild because this is by FAR not the first time she tried to be sneaky and two faced. And she hung out with me all day the day after and smiled im my face till Osumwa logged on and then she left my group but she thought i didnt 't notice,so i demoted her and Burgonit just on the chance that Osumwa coulda logged into there accounts and used there guild status to help himself to our supplies. And she decided to detag her and Burgonit on her own.. which i kinda figured shed do. Oh well what can you do? I hope you all are ok with it casue i am and I'd hate to see more fall out over a freakin death ...petty

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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18 2009, 09:56

cope and past link into broswer in mozilla firefox it will bring up log that way you can see whole thing.

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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18 2009, 14:46

[b]This is supposed to b an open and FRIENDLY forum. This topic is completely childish and does not need to b discussed. All decisions made by the council are final. If u would like to discuss this any further please do it in private. If u have any other questions, concerns, or business reguarding this matter please speak with a council member. This is not a blog space to bash each other.[b]
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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18 2009, 17:11

In response to Stony, the only reason this post is even here is because I was asked by Mia and Torian to give them my side of the story ... otherwise it woulda been done and over with 5 days ago when the incident happended. Instead a big dramatic deal was made of it and seems some people can't let go. In any case there will be no more replies to this post from me because it is childish and I really dont care that much about it. Whats done is done and whats said is said. I do find it odd that she posted the entire chat log like anyone has time to go through it. But i did in fact browse through it and never did find where the "incident" occured. In any case .... on to new business?

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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18 2009, 17:22

Hello all,

what to say......i dont know.

I am abit shocked what drama came out of 1 single hunt.
For me it has been a simple normal hunt at Sandy claws.

I tried my best to heal....fizzled some casts......and sure i am sorry ppl died.

Its not the question for me after...who had have aggro first.....who was not allowed to attack.....

Dammit....we had have that run just for fun......with guildies......

So if something went wrong on that hunt.....for ppl that have been there.....why not talking after.....why say all is fine......all done good job......

How it could happen that this big Drama came up?? I cant believe and i cant understand.

IT WAS ONLY 1 ( for me funny) run !!!!!

So i hope......it will end here now.......

Tank you

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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 18 2009, 18:13

Ok..here is my last try to show why i cant see how that drama started.....

Like i said....we have had a nice hunt with guildies......no matter about question who has aggro...who lost it....who was not allowed to attack....and so on..

Sometimes hit happens that tank loos aggro.....or mage fizzle casting......and ppl die ( and i am sorry about that)......but we have had that run just for fun.....

I will post the talking after Sandy dies........cause it shows.......no1 said something went wrong......no1 said eye to eye: hey you done wrong....or hey that hunt went wrong....or hey i am pissed i died......

That really last i do......

It start when Sandy died:
f60231f55b5a1f828867ddea68be68d4:4320 (Party) Ghostly Whisper looted a Crab Meat.
36d81a1e6f32b7c5f99ad2e80ce4f2e8:4321 (Party) You looted a Sandy Claws Bag.
29c9990a0860fbe72330c75aa18322d5:4327 (Party) Leadpoison: WOOT Grats
303df94419a5cade76291c88f8ad0aff:4328 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: grats
ec9ea31e651797e52c1cbc6201f383e4:4329 (Party) Mialee Lepper: sorry logan
a00667585d7d45dee0e6b9a84bdaff61:4330 (Party) Mialee Lepper: and osumwa
96d00665a74caee866c9affcaa9c4b26:4331 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: it ok hun
e84f6ed52c4e9e64a27efe7033f8987b:4334 (Party) Mialee Lepper: who need bag ?
d5ee87c3c6d42a6bf9b0b5947fbd0206:4335 (Party) Leadpoison: im good
356a0cd6be00d38bd8d5bd7615857aea:4336 (Party) Mialee Lepper: osumwa
25849c6cee58de2ea63cb3d906cd2125:4337 (Party) Leadpoison: i have 2 of em still
c94fceb0051240d38ac341a6be8b94aa:4339 (Party) Mialee Lepper: you need bag?
5611a1e4f2fd9c107f67c38a019a18f8:4342 (Party) Osumwa: huh?
faab95bcce95da44525d4b6a3961d82:4346 (Party) Osumwa: dayum lag
44fb3e579159fd69481348d3ca72f47a:4347 (Party) Mialee Lepper: take
972bf4fa32e03ba265fa878802adb4c3:4352 (Party) Osumwa: ty
e3b9ef4cace31fe905b1d249f9cee36c:4353 (Party) Mialee Lepper: yw
2006b9e147e97b3e9da122e92933dc96:4354 (Party) Leadpoison: Gw can i get my boots back please?
c904448766eba001671bc2fc469630a2:4355 (Party) Osumwa: ill be glad when this is fixed
adf6163bdd845eec1e55578471c07ad5:4358 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: up here
e4e146a6d4865cd0e0aa1e6d534ce2f0:4360 (Say) The Soulstone begins to glow...
cc1b205a416e0701339b5f9133f164f9:4365 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: there repaired too
45bc4906fca8061c0bbd0a13b6947a09:4369 (Party) Leadpoison: np i woulda got em Smile
fbcdba6664d6ff0807c4a04145dfacb3:4372 (Party) Leadpoison: thats the first time i ever tanked anything ... and survived
a0736284b16638b915b06b5bb20ed820:4375 (Party) Leadpoison: i think i coulda killed her over the course of an hour Smile
85b3ac6642b42f3ee6a3b103f8fc4d12:4377 (Party) Mialee Lepper: you done great lead
57f9e011d43eb1c1d24074927ff5ec9f:4380 (Party) Leadpoison: im just glad i got GW ressed
8b19e79238947578f86a5b9a2d0b67f7:4385 (Party) Mialee Lepper: yes
8baa17a354a911ea9beb3b61681b31ae:4386 (Party) Leadpoison: i tried twice and didnt think it was gonna let her
7b53bf1b889fde3397781d10f1e8aa11:4387 (Party) Mialee Lepper: i couldnt stop healing to res her
1a196a568442192421bf9b9bff6277b9:4390 (Party) Mialee Lepper: or you would die too
bb47465c27e43520f5c75ddba372360f:4391 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: all did good
05c7b85bfa30238d6fa4b85530f656fe:4392 (Party) Mialee Lepper: lol
2f120aa5fb1e4eb10cbd5ee374324cfe:4395 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: ty for rezing
fb9a02bd0b4e528ab914619d8fb2ba14:4396 (Party) Osumwa: im ssing out
3da9b1c1a23a531d479660e6ef25b8ec:4397 (Party) Leadpoison: ok Osum
83f57af702eaa1140f510bb0af78a5fe:4398 (Party) Osumwa: thanks 4 rez
04714e048d720e7672e1651b99d4aa56:4401 (Party) Ghostly Whisper: think i could have better geared up though
cb04b1b9c9d67eb9e988de85207ba533:4409 (Party) Leadpoison: yeh meet me at bank of choice i have something ill give you on a condition or two Smile
5951c5e9899b8c32e560c081ba443e25:4410 (Party) Mialee Lepper: grins
754cd1c756fcea1e4ffd3fc89c2a645a:4411 (Party) You have left the party.
ce22323ea9c010d6bbeca3b75d7fc636:4412 (Guild) Mialee Lepper is now offline.
67542753a59fb649c8504708dd4fc1af:4413 SYSTEM: X Aribeth X Entered 'Legends' Server
df9153e89942bf8a80dbeb15133f88a0:4420 (Guild) X Aribeth X is now online.
ed65b4c55375c6de18f59a59a9d38c19:4422 (Guild) Ghostly Whisper: any other boss's we can think of ?
7c761dfc4d136505e40a7d901f065419:4425 (Guild) Leadpoison: Arty?
5d58d5639181ec6203b4521be03e9b90:4426 (Guild) X Aribeth X: brb
74b6447fd804a9f80207c5ff12023be4:4427 (Guild) X Aribeth X: ok
b0e4cf75c1a4624783d82e324b18c365:4428 (Guild) Ghostly Whisper: arty ?
6e0721e6b0dcf7c15988009257ea0e70:4429 (Guild) X Aribeth X: we make arty
e71845c988f315193721ead5751027bf:4430 (Guild) X Aribeth X: wait for me
537f9a655db391c9214fa6e74c553d31:4431 (Guild) Leadpoison: Artraxis the Elder
991e9e719ffbd96cc987ee65ba0910fb:4432 (Guild) Ghostly Whisper: ummmmmmm i can't remember way though
159a41455e2f20b54b02a2d677c0c199:4433 (Guild) X Aribeth X: brb onmia
3d8ac7171d33378f5167df7b5254161c:4435 (Guild) X Aribeth X: i know way

You see.......we planed to hunt another boss.......with same peaople......

So why it happend......that TL was asked to demot lead..........TL wasnt online few days....he came back and got all that shit that ppl didnt say after hunt eye to eye....WHY ???

We all adults......so if something went wrong for me i would say......hey you made something wrong...hey you attacked to ealier...or hey your health sucks and i died......

That would have been fair....eye to eye.....

...but you see.......nothing of that was spoken.......no all said fine and what boss comes next....

I hate that Drama.......and i hate TL got in it after few days he really was sick and couldnt make it to game......

For Future...i wish me we all talk out what went wrong on hunt...boss run....quests....or stuff like that....

Thank you......and that is my last post


Thank you all

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PostSubject: Re: My side of the story   My side of the story Icon_minitime

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My side of the story
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