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 Notice about Forgotten Tomb

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PostSubject: Notice about Forgotten Tomb   Mon Feb 01 2010, 17:00

It has come to the attention of our Generals and officers that Forgotten Tomb, a now former member of WoTA had stolen many high end items from H guilds Guildhouse before they could be placed in their Officer Vaults.
Forgotten was booted for this infraction, and pending Torian Lepper's Decision is likely not to be allowed back into WoTA ever.

Would like to remind everyone that we are here to play a game properly, stealing items is unacceptable and we know all too well what it feels like to work hard and get screwed.

Apparently Forgotten had been a member of H on an alternative character, unannounced to us, and used our trust to sell some of us high end items that he had stolen from H.

I myself bought a CoR from him, not knowing that it was stolen, it will however be returned to H guild, they rightfully own it.

If anyone else purchased an item from Forgotten that you feel he wouldnt have been able to get as a level 67 Character, please contact Pestilence or Mana in order to arrange a return of the item, provided they have found it missing.

The items that are Known to be missing are, BDD, Stags, CoR, Green pristine, 20 red Scales.

It is also quite possible that Forgotten is not the person who stole the items, however he was the one who was selling them on behalf of the thief, being an accomplice.

I myself hope that it wasn't Forgotten himself, however the matter sits that we don't want people associated with thieves inguild. Mightymick, Aranelle and I felt it necessary to boot him from the guild. ONLY Torian and the high ranked Generals will have the power to overthrow the decision that we came by.

Thanks for taking the time to read members, lets keep this a fun and clean game to play, and may our luck continue to improve.

-Solar/Terra Flare-
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PostSubject: Forgotten Tomb   Mon Feb 01 2010, 17:45

As the facts about this theft have come to light, i concur with the sound judgement and i think i can speak for Torian and Shezuko in this case and say that Forgotten Tomb will not be allowed back in WoTA. Furthermore as I/we have some very close friends in H guild I personally will not be partying him in the future and would shun the partying of him by any of our WoTA members. I cannot tell you what to do but what he did was not right by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the items that were stolen, most of us would give our left arm to get as they are not easy to come by. Any party to Forgotten Tomb by a WoTA member will be subject to speculation.
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PostSubject: Re: Notice about Forgotten Tomb   Tue Feb 02 2010, 00:39

I am in Agreement with the dission that was made... Thank you all for being aware of the facts something wasnt right... We all need to watch everyone elses backs in doing so we stay honest and game stays fun.
I agree with hattori that we shall not party him. Everyone should fallow suit and do the same.
Please be aware we do not promote or incurage theft. theft is delt with swiftly and not lightly. Please enjoy the game and may Wota contenue to be honest and a happy fun guild.
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PostSubject: Re: Notice about Forgotten Tomb   

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Notice about Forgotten Tomb
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