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 New point system

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PostSubject: New point system   Sun Feb 14 2010, 12:25

I have spoke to council and we have come to the following agreement. Turn ALL scales into a council member ASAP to have them confirm/add your points.

Points for DRAGON SCALES will be awarded as follows:

Blue scales are worth 1/4 of a point each.

Blue PRISTINE scales are worth 10 points each.

Gold Scales = 1 point each

Red Scales = 1 point each

Green Scales = 2 Points each


Points will be awarded to all members of WoTA parties that participated in that hunt. We will be using the whole number formula to designate points for party based hunts. For example : 4 member party turns in a total of 20 scales. 5 red 5 gold 5 green 5 blue = 21.25 pts./4 members = 21.25 points earned each regardless of how many landed in who evers back pack. If your party turns in a BLUE PRISTINE each member of that party will be awarded the FULL 10 points EACH! This system was put into place for several reasons : 1) To promote group hunting. 2) To allow members to see there standing in the guild when it comes to drops/loot from Dragons. 3) To promote more people hunting at Anby! Blue pristines are the most important scale and will be treated as such. Please be sure to keep a record of who was in your party to keep the TPT system accurate and fair. Turn that list of names in to council/generals with your scales.


Bidding for items will go as follows:

Certain items will be marked under certain headings and you will need to fit certain criteria and have a minimal amount of points to bid on these items. When you bid points on an item those points will be deducted from your total ONLY if you win the roll. If you win the roll the points will be deducted from your total point tally. Level 110 gear will have other stipulations. If you win a roll for 110 gear/Elite weapon those points will be deducted from your TPT and it will exclude you from rolling on another 110 item/elite weapon for that rolling session. So choose wisely on the items for which you bid. A list of TPT's/winners will be kept by council/generals. Rolling sessions will be announced open and closed by guild leaders only! Hopefully we will be able to post ahead of time when a rolling session will be scheduled so that members who are not present at the time can make an appearance/bid/roll.


Level 110 items : You will need to fit the build/level requirement for any level 110 item ,if you already have the item being bid upon you will be excluded from the roll, if everyone has the item or no one can use the item, the item will be saved in the council vault and its fate will be decided by the council members.

Elite Weapons: Certain weapons will be labeled "Elite". Those weapons included are RCB, AQS, MoS, IH, Agon, SBoSD!

Ultra Elite Weapons/items: SoTT, HoTAG, BoTS
Those weapons are so hard to come by that only very few members in WoTA have any of those. Although the list for those weapons is short... That list will be filled before any others are considered. If that offends some people I am truely sorry but there are some very long standing members of WoTA who have not aquired these items in the 2 years WoTA has been established. A list of these players by order and the weapon they are attempting to aquire will be posted. Please be aware that council and guild leaders are the ones who decide this list. (This list is tentative)

All other Dragon drops: Again you will have to fit the level/build requirements for these items as well as enough points to bid. But there will be no "stop roll" for these items. So you may spend as many points on these items per session as you can afford so long as you have a char that can use them meeting the requirements....

Please remember that this TPT system is new and adjustments may be made in the future according to the opinions of council/leaders.Be aware that in the furture other items may be added to the list(s) including drops from other bosses such as Mukk, Vint, Tserth, ect. Please try to enjoy the game and happy hunting.
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New point system
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