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 Ideas For Point System

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PostSubject: Ideas For Point System   Ideas For Point System Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17 2010, 19:12

This is ment to help work out the bugs with the point system...

This is what we are looking for...

1) Fairness to all classes and players

2) points for .... and how to make them work for all

3) we need ideas lots of them...

so please this is not to complain about the ruff draft of the point system but to help improve it by your opinions and ideas

Please ask if something doesnt make sense and we do need EVERYONES opinion on this the more people with ideas and sugestions the better this will work for all involved and will make it work for all.

The point system is in place but it has alot of work to make it final so please help us make this better.

Please make sure to ask questions if it dont make sense because you may not be alone in not understanding and if the question is asked then it will be possible to answer it and make it more clear.

Thank you
Hattori Hanzo and Shezuko Co-Leaders
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PostSubject: Re: Ideas For Point System   Ideas For Point System Icon_minitimeWed Feb 17 2010, 20:42

I'm not a part of WoTA, but I figured my input might be welcome..

The "turning in scales for points" is seriously flawed. One person can go to green level one day and farm 20 scales in an hour. Someone else can go right after them, for one hour, and get 3 scales. Scale count does not always reflect the amount of effort a player has put into farming. Even if you are giving an entire group points for getting scales... Ive been on runs where we have farmed 40 green scales in an hour. I've seen similar sized groups get 5 scales an hour. There is a HUGE difference in points here...

I believe that HOURS spent farming, not scale number, should be taken into account. Of course, this would require trust. I guess it would require keeping an eye on guildies if they seem like they're spending more hours farming than the number of scales they turn in - if this makes any sense? But i think both number of scales turned in and, most importantly, hours spent farming should be taken into account...
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Ideas For Point System
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