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 Guild House Map

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PostSubject: Guild House Map   Guild House Map Icon_minitimeMon Apr 19 2010, 02:15

Guild House Map Guildm10

This is the guild house as it stands on April 19, 2010. It is subject to change, but hopefully not much, and it will be reflected here sooner or later.

The map itself was compiled by Copperfox, the guild layout was determined by Aranelle, the what-goes-where was determined by Copperfox, Cally and Aranelle. Any feedback and suggestions are more than welcome. Smile

1 - Donations
This is the all important donation box. Anything you'd like to donate to the guild should be put in these vaults.

2 - Totems
Player made totems are here, 4 of each, for all guildies who need them. Please only take one at a time, even if it isn't max durability - more can be made. Smile

3 - "Junk Drawer"
This vault is currently home to the random items donated with no current, known use.

4 - Lowbie Gear
This range of vaults contains Armour below level 50, and weapons below level 80. Each vault contains a single type (gloves, axes, etc) in level order. Please do not interfere with this. Note: If you would prefer not to leave things in the donation box, but don't wish to fiddle with the actual oganization, leave items in the *bottom* of the appropriate vault and someone else can intigrate it.

5 - Surplus Totems
These vaults are the ones that vault 2 will be restocked from.

6 - Higher Gear
This is where most armour above level 50, and most weapons above level 80 will be stored. This is also where especially valuable lowbie gear will be stored.

7 - This Space For Rent
Until otherwise noted, this lone vault is actually part of 6, but it was copping an attitude and made to stand in the corner.

8 - Alchemy
These four vaults contaion the potions and alch supplies of the guild, one in each vault. The other two are given over to carefully laid out visual depictions of the recepies for the most common/useful potions. Please don't interfere with these.

9 - Runecrafting
Gems and crystals and other totem making paraphenalia are stored here.

10 - Tradeskills
These six vaults, the top row in the lower right building, contain all the rest of the tradeskill storage not previously specified, including materials and tools.

11 - Surplus Gear - This whole room is given over to anything that we simply have a lot of, to make it easier to manage the other two gear storage areas.

12 - Here There Be Dragons
This is where the best stuff is kept.[i]
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Guild House Map
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