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 WoTA folding up???

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WoTA folding up??? Empty
PostSubject: WoTA folding up???   WoTA folding up??? Icon_minitimeTue May 11 2010, 11:57

Ok folks, there seems to be much speculation, and rumor going on, and people are leaving the guild because of it.

But, much of it just isn't so!!

WoTA is not folding up, or closing down, and yes, TL is in another guild, but, there were many things that happened all in one day, the day he had to go to the hospital!

TL will be back in WoTA, and, there is talk of a merger with BLDZ, but, nothing is set in stone, till TL gets back, and straightens out all the things that need done.

In the end, there may, or may not be anything being done, and the best thing to do is just sit back, have fun, and wait till he gets back!

I just got off the phone with him, and he's feeling well, and looking forward to the move, so he can get back in game sooner, and explain to everyone what happened, and what may, or may not happen in the future.

So all in all, just hang in there folks, our Leader WILL be back!
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WoTA folding up???
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