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PostSubject: NU   NU Icon_minitimeTue Jun 15 2010, 19:48

Today it has come to my attention that All/most of NU members have left NU and spread out to other guilds . The problem I see with this is that they may or may not be looking for a legit place to go ? But in my recent times with being in NU wasn't what I expected and found out that they are just another dragon hunt guild and will take things of yours and loan them out to other player's plus if something bad happens for whatever reason it may be whether it be in game or in real life it always seems to me ( I know them irl ) that they will try to make a bad name for you or who ever it may be .With this said i urge all to be cautious about party hunts with them and trades and what not . It is my understanding that they will do any thing and what ever it takes to get items from others so if you decide to loan/barrow PLEASE WATCH YOUR BACK ..
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