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 Lilboo's Eviction

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PostSubject: Lilboo's Eviction   Lilboo's Eviction Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13 2011, 20:48

This was my conversation with her regarding her eviction from the guild.

Yes, I was a bitch.

(Guild) Lilboo: copper can i talk 2 u plz?

(Guild) Copperfox: One sec

(Guild) Lilboo: kk

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: What?

(Tell) Lilboo: hi

(Tell) Lilboo: well i joined the guild about 1 hour ago

(Tell) Lilboo: i dont want ne trouble i am a lovely person i just gave the guild all the stuff i have

(Tell) Lilboo: but me n clenna had a bit of an understanding in the last guild we was in

(Tell) Lilboo: she just left this guild coz i am in it

(Tell) Lilboo: like i said i dont want no trouble just want a guild i can help n they can help me

(Tell) Lilboo: i am not a nasty person

(Tell) Lilboo: but clenna said either i go or she does

(Tell) Lilboo: i dont want 2 leave this guild i have just gave alot 2 this guild n all i want is peace n 2 b happy n play this game with help n so i can help others

(Tell) Lilboo: ask kot i just gave all my items n every thin 2 help this guild

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: I wasn't consulted on you joining the guild. Kot does have the capability to tag but no captain was consulted that I'm aware of.

(Tell) Lilboo: look all i want is a nice guild i can join so i can help them n they can help me

(Tell) Lilboo: i am not a nasty person i do help as much as i can i have alot of friends on ae that i have met on ae

(Tell) Lilboo: only person that dont like me is clenna

(Lilboo) Copperfox: I don't know you.

(Tell) Lilboo: i dont want 2 leave this guild i just gave like over 3 mill worth ov items n more

(Lilboo) Copperfox: a) that was your choice, b) if you just gave it in the last hour, you can easily get it back. Where did you put everything?

(Tell) Lilboo: in ya gh

(Tell) Lilboo: thats where i am now

(Tell) Lilboo: so what is going on then

(Tell) Lilboo: can i stay in this guild ?

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: there's nothing else in the public vaults so it should be easy to take it all back. If you want a quiet guild, find one with people that you don't seem to have pissed off.

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: As far as I'm concerned, Clenna has seniority, as does Mitard and I have no reason whatsoever to doubt their word.

(Tell) Lilboo: i have neva pissed ne 1 off it was just clenna kicked ov in the last guild n since then we both not spoke

(Tell) Lilboo: so basically i have 2 leave this guild then?

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: You caused a dear friend to leave the guild. That doesn't endear you to me.

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: also learn to type english. 2 is a number, to is a word.

(Tell) Lilboo: well kot said if i go he goes 2 as he knows me n knows i am a nice person

(Tell) Lilboo: i no how 2 speak english lol

(Tell) Lilboo: its just shorter

(Tell) Lilboo: lots ov ppl do it prob not from where u r from but do here

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: Kot isn't on much, and doesn't speak much when he is.

(Tell) Lilboo: right ok np i will go n find a guild that does appreciate the help

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: I'm from the US. A lot of people wear pants around their knees, doesn't mean it doesn't look stupi.

(Tell) (Lilboo) Copperfox: Remember to grab your things from the GH, I don't want us to be accused of theft for keeping it.

(Tell) Lilboo: i am not fighting or arguing with u i will get my items bk n i will go

(Tell) Lilboo: what u sayin there??

(Lilboo) Copperfox: Just a reminder to take your things.

(Tell) Lilboo: i no i am not stupid lol

== I waited around until she untagged but that was al that was spoken.

This was trimmed to remove irrelevent information but I can post the entirety of the log if anyone is interested.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilboo's Eviction   Lilboo's Eviction Icon_minitimeThu Dec 15 2011, 17:47

Have you seen Kot since?

Is he re-joining?
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PostSubject: Re: Lilboo's Eviction   Lilboo's Eviction Icon_minitimeFri Dec 16 2011, 14:55

As of yesterday Kot/Kotya has not left. Seemed upset that when LilBoo left, she also took from the GH the 1K Blood Bandages that Kot had put in there.
It seems as though eyes were openned about LilBoo and her motives and character. A small price to pay to be rid of a poisonous person.
Everything is as it should be again, Kot is with us and Boo is gone. cheers
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PostSubject: wierd   Lilboo's Eviction Icon_minitimeSat Dec 17 2011, 07:23

so this is wierd, refer a girl as a "He"... just pointing it out

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PostSubject: Re: Lilboo's Eviction   Lilboo's Eviction Icon_minitime

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Lilboo's Eviction
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