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 dragons! join us!

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dragons! join us! Empty
PostSubject: dragons! join us!   dragons! join us! Icon_minitimeFri Jan 02 2009, 11:07

well first of all, dragons are the strongest monsters so far in AE, and it's pretty fun killing them. they also drop most of the top items and weapons.

What do I need to hunt dragons?
1) First of all, the quest:
must be over level 70 to get it started, but if you can, you can start acheiving some of the things needed before you get to 70

first step: 10 caiman hearts. caimans' best spawn is east of rahura, I'm sure someone will show you if you can't find it:)

second step: for this part you will need levels 25 in weaving, leather working, iron forging and jewelry making. the quest master will give you a hair to be woven into a leather swatch ( any loom ), swatch needed to be crafted at an obelisk(put on your best DEX suit for this part so you will fail less). once you get the leather working part it's iron forging, which is done by a runespire(put on your best STR suit for this one). and last is jewelry making, it can be done anywhere(again you need DEX for this part).

third step: get a large gold coin. desert giant nobles ( lvl 105? ) drop it, they can be found either way east of rahura, past the caiman river, and either north west from there, or just east(2 spawns). to go to a safers spawn just go to khafra, go south until you find fire elementals, then follow the river down until you hit the ocean, and follow it east.
for this part you might need help, they drop the coin pretty often but probably hard to kill at low levels.

forth step: kill lava mold. this is a pretty tough boss, so you'll need help (let me know i love killing him =D). he spawns at the top of the lava river, south of khafra.

first step: gain the rank 'master of elementals'. best way to gain this rank is by hunting in a party at fire elementals, my favorite spot is downstairs, but might be safer by the river where it's not dark.

sixth and last step: kill 1000 wurms. this step is already after you gain access you dragons, so you could actually hunt dragons, but only outside (and also you couldn't kill bosses... which is the best part of dragons). If you got this far in the quest, this part should be easy (though our guild is stuck on it for a while... haha).

that's one =P

2) to actually survive at dragons you need to know a couple of things:

a)to hunt dragons you need to be over level 90, and if you're a warrior below level 106 you should bring a range weapon. mages - get ready to heal only Razz.

b)dragons deal mage type damage. blues - mind, golds - soul, reds - body, green - nature (colors are types of dragons), so wear you best mage resist items.
for example wyvern plate armor for warriors is a good set to wear as a starter.
If you need help regarding of what items you should wear, or where to get them, let me know. I'd love to help..

3) be online! on weekends mostly, my time zone is GMT+2 (Jerusalem), when you've finished the quest, ask me or TL about a dragon hunt, we'll try to arrange it.

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dragons! join us!
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