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 How to set your mage

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PostSubject: How to set your mage   Thu Apr 02 2009, 02:05

this is my way of setting a mage, one of the best in my opinion. There's body spells at the top, I change the types of spells by pressing 1 2 3 & 4, each opens a diff type of spell hotkeys(body natuer soul and mind)


take a look
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~Da Mage~

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PostSubject: Re: How to set your mage   Thu Apr 02 2009, 11:48

i do mine only slightly different. but i'm used to it, it works for me.

1 = body bar
4 = mind bar
5 = nature bar
8 = soul bar
9 = rune bar

f12 always replaces class rune

when a rune expires, i can open 9, and just strum f1 thru f7 (
agon, malenox, malith, ulthien, veldan, kuthos, sabal ) to reload everything, or pick out what i know is missing, usually f1-f4 for me.

i don't keep totems or pie or potions in hotbar. too confusing for me to try it that way. i just keep 'em in my valinor knapsack & click when ready.
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How to set your mage
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