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Stronger than All

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 ppl please

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~Da Mage~
~Da Mage~

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PostSubject: ppl please   Fri Aug 14 2009, 22:05

put $10 in your budget for a headset & get on VENTRILO!

even if you can only LISTEN it's better than nothing.
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Torian Lepper


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PostSubject: Re: ppl please   Sat Aug 15 2009, 00:16

Please become a part of this advancement of our guild.It will make things operate
alot more smoothly , not only will it help on hunts but NO more typing while dieing.
Plus this will help lose the confusion on hunts and planning on hunts and make meeting go faster and easier.

All in all this will make us a strong and things will run smooth like Krylles said even if you just get head phones.Listening is better than nothing , you will hear the plans in the works and the meetings better.$20 at walmart or w/e store you can go to this will not only help you but the rest of the guild as well.I will be on as soon as i find my headset , if i do not find it over the weekend if i do not find mine i will purchase a new one , so we can start this plan ASAP!

Thank you your leader and council member Gilbrax Krylles for setting this all up for us.Krylles and myself will be paying the bill for the whole thing.All you need to worry about is a headset even if it's just a cheap headset or headphones it will help tremendously.Thank you and i have faith that everyone will give this chance and be happy with the operation Very Happy .Thank you again and thank Gilbrax Krylles for setting this up for all of us to use and work together much much easier for us all.

Hunt Leader Justyn Tyme
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ppl please
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