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 Guild Hunts

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Torian Lepper


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PostSubject: Guild Hunts   Wed Nov 26 2008, 06:52

All guild hunts will be organized by the council and executed by WoTA , sometimes IoTR or LoD will join us on guild hunts but not often.Please anyone with an idea please post it or reply to this. Very Happy
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~Da Mage~

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Hunts   Wed Nov 26 2008, 09:51

Resource Escort : take someone along with you while chopping/mining/foraging to keep critters off your back, split the weight, watch your back while you're in the bathroom, finding new areas to gather from, etc....

Blood Collection : frost trolls, storm giants, [[[ dragons ]]]. Big groups, bigger drops.

CK/LK : 3-5 people with targets close together or in the same path, can knock out those quests quickly.

Rock Trolls : Always ask if someone wants to tag along for your RT scrolls. Even if you are level 110 and can't die even if surrounded.

Ventrilo : single button VOICE CHAT. I leased a server for 4 months. If you need help setting it up, ASK!~ I'd much rather use this than stopping to type. [[ vent05.shrapnet.com port 4138 ]]

Quests : From slaying kobolds, to valekars fortress, to crystalline shield, to dragons. If you're stuck on a part, don't want to do it alone, whatever, ask for a hand!
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Guild Hunts
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